Thursday, July 5, 2012


I cannot believe Rayne is already nine months old. It seems like we just brought her home yesterday. Having Rayne was the Best thing I have ever done! I went in for a doctor's visit on Monday September 19, 2011. I had fluid in my feet and my blood pressure went up for the first time so I was put in the hospital to be induced the next day. I went home to finish packing since it was two weeks earlier than when I was supposed to have Rayne and called My Hubby at work. He left and came home to help me finish getting everything ready for the hospital. We got there around 4:00 and watched TV pretty much for the rest of the night. They put the monitor on my belly and Rayne was doing really well. The nurse offered me a pill to help me sleep but I fell asleep on my own that night.

I got up early on Tuesday September 20, 2011 to get ready to have Rayne that day. I was induced at 8:00 a.m. and still 2 centimeters. I was positive for GBS so I had to have the medicine for that. The first dose of pitocin I received went in too fast so it made my arm burn all over and was very painful. Labor was alright until the doctor upped the pitocin to make labor go faster. It didn't start getting painful till around 3:00 which is when I got an epidural. I don't think it helped me much though because it was still painful when I had contractions. I just layed in the bed all day talking to My Hubby and Parents. A friend of mine was there too. It started really hurting around 8:30 p.m. and the contractions were so painful. The night nurse was much better than the day nurse so she was Awesome when she came in the room. She had me push till she and My Hubby could see Rayne's head. My Hubby saw that she had a head full of black hair. The doctor came in there and I pushed a little bit. He ended up doing a Episiotomy so he could pull Rayne out. We had a Beautiful Baby Girl at 8:44 pm and she cried so softly. My Hubby held her while I got stitched up and then I got to hold her before they took her to get cleaned up.

The epidural definitely didn't work because I could fill my legs and lift them up while pushing Rayne out which the nurse was very surprised at. I was walking that night afterwards too. I called the next morning for Rayne and they had her in the warmer because they thought she would get jaundice. They brought her to us and she stayed with us the rest of the time unless they needed her to check something. My Hubby and I enjoyed having Rayne with us in the hospital. She didn't sleep unless we were holding her. The nurse said she didn't sleep in the nursery but she wasn't fussy either. She wouldn't take a paci and still doesn't take one. That is one less thing we have to get her off of. My Hubby would sleep at night and I would lay in the bed with Rayne. They took Rayne Wednesday night to check something so I called for her around 6 am. and they brought her. That is when the nurse said from the time they had gotten her around 10:00 pm to then that she hadn't slept in the nursery. We took care of Rayne the whole time and it was Great too because My Hubby took two weeks off from work to be with Rayne and me. We went home Thursday around 1:00 pm.

It has been Great since Rayne has been with us. She is such an easy baby and I love the fact that I can stay home with her. I have loved every minute of being home with her and love being a stay at home mommy and wife. Rayne has been sleeping all night since about month three or four. She slept all day and all night when she was brought home except for waking up for bottles. I got up with her so My Hubby could sleep and get up for work. I wouldn't trade that time with her for anything. We love having Rayne home with us so she hardly goes off. She now sleeps all night, scoots around on her booty, and loves to stand up. She can hold her balance really well when we hold her hands. I can't believe she will be one soon. The time is going by fast but we have enjoyed every minute of it.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Almost a Mommy!!

My hubby and I have been blessed to be having a little girl due October 3. We are so excited to be starting a family and being parents. We named our little girl Rayne Victoria and can't wait to see her. My hubby has always wanted a girl named Rayne and I have a niece who I helped raise named Victoria. We have had names picked out for over a year now so it was very easy to come up with that. Being pregnancy has been great for the most part. I was sick for a few months at the beginning and had a little pain with ligaments stretching but I haven't had pain in a while. I love being pregnant and feeling Baby Rayne move everyday. My hubby will put his hand on my belly and she will move and he just laughs. It feels weird but we love it to know that she is okay in my tummy. We are having my parents help paint the baby room purple. We have a crib that we love picked out so we hope to order that soon and get the nursery set up for the most part before the baby gets here. I am 30 weeks now so we have 10 weeks left. We are just looking forward to see if she is going to be early or later than October 3. My hubby is going to be the best father and she is so blessed to have him. He loves to talk to her now and it makes me smile when he rubs my belly and talks to her. I know she recognizes his voice and will love him the first moment he holds her. I am so happy that he is going to be in the delivery room with me and that he is so excited for her to be coming. He is always sweet to me and making me happy so I know Baby Rayne will feel the same. He will have two spoiled girls instead of one. The daycare closed so I have been home since May. He works very hard at work and is working overtime some so he supports us very well. I am thankful that I can keep the house clean and cook for him so he can just come home and rest. I love spoiling him too and love giving him a lot of computer time. I love hearing him laugh while he is playing games with other people online. He has a lot of fun and it is his favorite thing to do. I want him to still be able to do that when the baby is here as well. He is taking two weeks off from work to stay home with me and I am so happy he decided to do that. I hope he gets plenty of time with us during those weeks before he has to go back to work. I enjoy our vacations now but I will enjoy them more when we have a little baby with us on vacation. It will be fun taking her to the zoo and swimming and things that she will like to do. We are so ready for Baby Rayne and can't wait to see her.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The beginning

I wish I had done this long ago but it is never too late. I met my husband in April 2007 in which we had a wonderful first date. It was so easy to talk to each other and we stayed together outside my apartment talking till one in the morning. It was then that we knew we liked each other a lot. We kept dating in 2007 and Christmas Eve, he surprised me by proposing to me. I was very surprised but very thrilled. My hubby and his dad had made a sign and put it on the side of his house. When the fireworks were over, he lit the sign and proposed. It was very romantic. I couldn't believe he had put so much thought into it. We started looking for houses in March since we had scheduled our wedding for September. We were blessed to find our house in April so I moved in and we moved our wedding up to June 28, 2008. We had a great wedding and went to the beach afterwards. In September, we took our actual honeymoon to Disneyworld since I had never been. It was so great and fun and I would love to go back. Marriage has been great. We can still talk about everything and we do not argue. We love our time together at home. My hubby likes to play his games on the computer while I love TV but we still get time together watching the shows we both like together. I can't believe this June will be three years. The first year, we went to the mountains for our anniversary. The second year, we went to Charleston. This year, we are going to see the Biltmore House. We love our trips with each other and have a blast. Marriage is great and I am so glad I was blessed and found the right person for me.